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Mission Statement 

To provide the best technical tools and training to our affiliates offering comprehensive services, up to date programming and sales direction to enhance each club's individual growth. 

  To promote the continued health and growth of our organization by attracting like-minded affiliates throughout the country.

  To project a vision of excellence in social dance.


School Operators  Whether you presently operate a school or would like to... 

TC Dance Club International has all the answers. We can get you started or help you improve your present operation. TCDC is a company dedicated to the creation, maintenance and improvement of Social Ballroom Dancing Schools and Clubs. If you are tired of exorbitant fees and restrictive contracts or are just starting out then TCDC is your answer.  Join TCDC now. Our contracts are simple and fees inexpensive. 

The strength of our organization is training and information regarding operating a successful Dance Studio/Club. 

Club Organization & Planning Assistance 

Administrative Assistance including bookkeeping, pay scales and budgets. 

Employee Assistance – recruiting and training. 

How to get New Business

Advertising - Referral Programs - Telephone Solicitation - Direct Mail

Check out our Services and Licensing information.

A Career?

If you've never danced a step in your life, we'll train and direct you to start you on an exciting and lucrative career. A high school education, nice appearance and a sense of rhythm is enough to qualify you for paid training. 

Tom Chapman (1917 - 2004), founder of TC Dance Clubs International, had this to say: "Being a Depression Baby, going to high school was a luxury we couldn't afford. Besides that, I never danced a step before I started to train. Since then, I've made a lot of money, and I'm a good dancer but most important, for fifty years I've had the wonderful experience of working in the ballroom dance business, a business that gives people what other business' promise them. No one enjoys life more than a dancing teacher."   

Whether you want to teach, supervise or manage, there's room for you at TC Dance Club International. Select the location most convenient to you and call for an appointment, the response will make you feel good about yourself. All of our clubs are growing rapidly and need people; your call will open the door to a business you never thought existed in your wildest dreams.

Why not check out our Career Opportunities  and/or our Available Positions.

New Members

Learning to dance is one of life's more pleasant experiences. Unlike most subjects people study, when it comes to dance, learning is as enjoyable as the finished product. One learns to dance in the hope it will add another dimension to their lifestyle. That this is accomplished from your first moment on the dance floor is an unexpected bonus.

Contact any of our affiliate locations now and book your free lesson in the dance of your choice or enroll on our fabulous Discovery Program! Join Now

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